Data from: 2023-12-08 00:59 UTC


Statistics about keys, tags, and relation types are generated from the OSM database (or an extract) as well as the maps that show the geographic distribution of nodes and ways.


Data until*:2023-12-08 00:59:29 UTC
Last update run:2023-12-08 02:41:27 to 2023-12-08 04:26:14 UTC (105 mins )
Database size:30687 MB
Download:taginfo-db.db.bz2 (1895 MB)

* All edits until this time will be in the data, later edits might be.

Statistics: Objects

Number of objects in the database:9 777 051 614
Number of tags in the database:3 110 520 018

Statistics: Tags

Number of distinct keys:95 892
Number of distinct tags:152 886 819

Statistics: Nodes

Number of nodes in the database:8 780 394 984
Number of nodes with at least one tag:226 142 432
Percentage of nodes with at least one tag:2.57%
Number of tags on nodes:776 186 089
Average number of tags per tagged node:3.43

Statistics: Ways

Number of ways in the database:985 057 812
Number of closed ways:693 699 654
Number of tags on ways:2 287 874 067
Average number of tags per way:2.32

Statistics: Relations

Number of relations in the database:11 598 818
Number of tags on relations:46 459 862
Average number of tags per relation:4.0
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